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Do you have a specific issue that needs to be addressed?  Are you looking for help to develop and implement new policies and procedures? Do you want to make sure you’re fulfilling you legal obligations as an employer? MMO HR Solutions’ advice and consulting services can help. 

MMO HR Solutions Consulting


Do you need help with your recruitment?  Is a fully outsourced recruitment service beyond your budget?  MMO HR Solutions provides a ‘supported recruitment’ service that assists clients with each step of the recruitment process at a significant cost saving to traditional services.

MMO HR Solutions Consulting


Do you need help in promoting and managing appropriate workplace behaviours? MMO offers workplace training sessions for both employers and employees in areas such as Bullying & Harassment, and Equal Employment Opportunity/Discrimination.

We have also developed programs for new employers, taking them through the basics of employer obligations and responsibilities.

MMO HR Solutions Consulting


Students are taught the skills needed for University and the workforce, but not often those needed to apply for and obtain such places. Given our experience in recruitment and training, MMO is in an ideal position to teach students how to prepare cv’s and cover letters, develop necessary interview skills and advise them on personal presentation. Workshops are offered for class-sized groups of senior students. A speaker can also be provided for career or development activities.

MMO HR Solutions Consulting

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